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About Us

Sneakers have become an ART form; a way to express yourself.

Mission Statement

At Tinker Flight our mission is to provide a global online marketplace where the Nike brand sneaker can be bought, traded, with guaranteed authenticity on a mobile platform with the most up to date technology anytime, anywhere at fair market value.

Why the name Tinker Flight

Tinker Hatfield is the designer of some of NIKE's most popular and innovative shoes such as the AIR MAX ONE and the infamous AIR JORDAN range – now in its 28th edition. He oversees the ‘innovation kitchen’ where the brand cooks up some of their biggest and best ideas. He is NIKE’s vice president of design and special projects.

Tinker Hatfield is idolized in the sneaker world. As Hatfield explains, “To help people understand the new air bag technology used in the shoe, it has gone on to become one of our best sellers. That shoe helped us understand how to sell a story and market our products.”