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Have a lot sneakers to sell? Let us help.

We understand that sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do like sell our personal sneaker collection to get extra cash! Tinkerflight is here to assist you in that process and make it a more pleasant and less painful situation for you and get you that extra $$.

How does it work?

First and foremost - We only sell 100% Authentic sneakers! Any consignor that ships a pair of sneakers to (either knowingly or unknowingly) that is not made by the original Nike Manufacturer, must understand that those shoes will not be sold nor returned. ANY shoes that prove to be fakes or variants will be disposed of immediately by So, please, save us the hassle - just don't do it.

Now simply,

  1. Send us 2-3 pictures of your product with your contact information & asking price to:
  2. Download and fill out our consignment form here (PDF).
  3. We will then evaluate your photos and respond with a suggested price if asking price is too high or too low.
  4. Once a agreed upon price is established, we will send you via email:

    • A consignment agreement to be filled out and sent with shoes.
    • A shipping address to where you will mail the shoes (Consignor pays for shipping to our office)

*Package your item/s - Please make sure you pack your items well and include the signed agreement. We cannot sell your item without the signed agreement.
**Shipping your Item - Because you are issued a tracking number and an option for insurance, recommends shipping UPS. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST PACKAGES IN-TRANSIT TO US

Once we have received your shoes...

  • We will process your item/s – All items will be posted on our website with in (2) business days.
  • Your item will appear on the homepage for at least twenty-four (24) hours during the selling period - will place the shoe on the site where it deems most appropriate at all other times during the selling period. You will be emailed a link to your shoe, indicating its location on the site when posted
  • Once your item sells, you will be notified and given the details of the transaction and the final amount owed to you by The consignor will receive 85% of the total sale.
  • Processing your payment – has (7) business days to process the rest of the transaction, i.e. receiving payment from buyer, etc. You can select to be paid by one of the following options:

      1. Instant transfer of funds to a PayPal account
      2. Check by mail

It's that easy! Hard part is deciding what kicks you want to sell!