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All shoes sold on Tinker flight are authentic Nike shoes, and not copycats. Tinker Flight does not use any photographic filters, photoshopping techniques, airbrushing or any other means to misrepresent its product. All shoes are photographed with a Canon Powershot SX280 HS Digital camera on a black background. Descriptions capture all flaws. Authenticity is verified at point of purchase, and when is doubt; the shoe is posted to groups for input on the specific shoe. If authenticity is questioned on any of our shoes, please email us at Our mission is to provide the buyer with the product that they see on our web page, with the exact description at fair market value. If buyer is not pleased with final delivery or does not feel the flaws were properly noted, if any, than Tinker Flight will gladly refund their money. Please see our Return Policy below. Accusations of photoshopping, airbrushing or "fake" shoes" are against Tinker Flight's mission and values.   

Mission Statement

At Tinkerflight our mission is to provide a global online marketplace where the Nike brand sneaker can be bought, traded, with guaranteed authenticity on a mobile platform with the most up to date technology anytime, anywhere at fair market value.

Why the name Tinkerflight?

Tinker Hatfield is the designer of some of NIKE‘s most popular and innovative shoes such as the AIR MAX ONE and the infamous AIR JORDAN range – now in its 28th edition. He oversees the ‘innovation kitchen’ where the brand cooks up some of their biggest and best ideas. He is NIKE’s vice president of design and special projects.

He is idolized in the sneaker world. With the name Tinker in the domain name for the website, anything to do with Nike or Tinker Hatfield will appear in the search engine. As Hatfield explained regarding Nike’s the Jordan brand “It’s gone on to become one of our best sellers and that shoe helped us understand how to sell a story and market our products.” Hatfield

Web Site Options

Tinkerflight will have menus with new releases, sales, consignment (we sell your shoes for you), general releases, by size, by name. Each shoe will have photographs with a magnifying option with 5-8 angles. Popular collections include Air Jordans, NikeAir Force Ones, Nike Dunks, KD’s, LeBrons, Foamposites, and Nike Air Max. Shoes that have the most value are usually exclusive or limited editions and Dead Stock. We will also provide Graphic apparel matching shoes for sale on site. This launch of this apparel menu will not be ready for initial launch.


Shipping is handled by UPS with your choice of delivery options. Signature is required for deliveries due to the value of the shoes we are shipping. We don’t want the shoes left or getting in the wrong hands. If you live in Saratoga Springs, NY you can email us as and we can meet in person.


You can use a Paypal account to buy. Once you have completed the checkout process, the money goes straight to the sellers Paypal account. It does make it easier to shop online in general. Paypal is still used to process the credit card safely, but no account is necessary! PayPal enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages. With 153 million people out there using Paypal to buy things online, it has quickly become the global standard. It is unbelievably easy to get a paypal account. You can do that here


Tinker Flight is dedicated to top notch service. If you are not pleased with your purchase please email us at and we will discuss the return and refund of your shoes. There is no reason for Tinker Flight to leave a customer feeling ripped off and losing future sales. Returns are accepted. All returns must come in the original box, same condition as when shipped, and returns are only good for 7 days because these are not retail shoes. Please decide right away if you would like to return the shoes and send them back with this form so that we can check the condition.  Click here to download the return form (PDF).


Yes!  We do take consignments.  For more info on this, please visit our consignment page here.